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  • If Trend is Your Friend, Will be Your New Best Friend



    Based on our findings that trends are the best way to organize information coming from the markets, we developed a set of tools that let you focus on the present market moves (with time frames ranging from 1 minute to decades).

    Our state-of-the-art trend detection and clustering algorithms provide you with a well-organized and at the same time objective and unbiased information from the markets all over the world in real-time.

    In the short-term you will be informed about all of the sudden market moves that can be caused by:

    • expected events – such as earnings announcements and
    • unexpected events – like policy changes, natural disasters or unanticipated corporate events.

    In both cases they might build up enough momentum for being very profitable trading opportunities. Our technology enables you to detect and understand such moves as fast as possible.

    Monitoring long-term trends enables you to early detect medium to long-term events such as thematic changes and megatrends (e.g. demographic and social changes, technological breakthroughs, shifts in economic power etc.). As a result you can spot excellent investment opportunities – medium to long-term systematic market moves or even market bubbles.

    We provide two main tools to achieve that:

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    The main tool provided by is the market trends overview. It presents automatically updated information about current financial market trends in all possible time horizons. This is the only webpage you will need to acquire information whether something is moving on the market and if so, what it is.



    This tool lets you focus on the price moves in any given time horizon depending on your investing style.

    Investors can browse through the strongest trends and filter them by:

    • Time horizon
    • Type (stock, ETF, interbank)
    • Direction (upward or downward)
    • Trend type (absolute or relative to S&P500)
    • Clustering (trends on single instruments or instruments grouped by common characteristics)
    • Market Capitalization



    • Trends Overview is giving you information about all significant market moves in one place
    • Trend spotting ranging from 1 minute to 10 years horizons
    • Trends Screener with many filtering options that allows users to target securities of their interest by trend direction, capitalization, relativeness to S&P500 etc.
    • Spotting trends within the groups of financial instruments
    • Instant new trend notifications. users spot the significant price movements before the news causing them are published
    • The ability to search for trends in relation to S&P500 – trends of relative strength / cumulative abnormal returns
    • Automatically generated human-readable summaries about stock market moves
    • Trend Map that uses flashing tickers allowing the immediate spotting of current equity trends
    • Unique algorithm protected with filled patent application.


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