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2014-10-30 07:07:39

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The stocks of 3D Systems Corporation (DDD) and Proto Labs (PRLB) felt by 11 percent since 16th October due to the disappointing financial results.

22th October Proto Labs revealed, that it achieved 3Q record revenue of $54 million, which was 30% higher than in 3Q 2013. However, the Proto Labs stocks noted two-digit price reduction. The day later 3D Systems cut it's year revenue forecast. Due to this newsstocks noted two-digit price reductions.

Investors pay much more attention to 3D printing industry, because of it's positive prospects and high potential of earnings. It's no wonder that analysts anticipate, that 3D printing may have huge impact on people's life (3D-printed heart saves baby)Some experts assess that the 3D printing market is going to double in 2016. Due to this expectations the value of P/E indicator for 3D Systems Corporation and Proto Labs remain high (111.2 and 39.59). The value of P/BV ratio for DDD equals 3.34, for Proto Labs 6.26. Moreover, the DDD stocks plunged by nearly 60 percent since January, so the value indicators were much higher.

The next news is that HP presented it's new 3D printer, which may outpaces competitors. The HP managers promise, that their printer will be ten times faster than the products, which are currently offered. The analysts say that Stratasys (the next 3D printer producer) won't be affected by new competitor. They are more worried about DDD because of technical similarities between 3D System's and HP's printers. Is the 3D printing market going to fragmentate?

3D Prototyping

Machine Tools & Accessories,Computer Peripherals
Trend Strength: *****, Change: -11.09% Trend start: Thursday, 2014-10-16 10:00

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