New features and new appearance

2014-11-13 08:40:05

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There are new features available at TrendsInvesting website: Trend Map and 15-minute intraday trends.

The website appearance has changed significantly. We are very interested in your impressions and opinions about visual changes and hope, that you'll enjoy new version of TrendsInvesting. But that's not all, there are new useful features.

The Trend Map is a tool, which gather all trending securities in one place. Thanks to it, users can find and compare the strongest trends among securities, which are grouped by industries (stocks) and characteristics (ETFs). Link to the new functionality is available here (stocks) nad here (ETFs).

Furthermore, there are new 15-minute intraday trends, which are displayed on:

  • Trend Summary – Stocks

  • Trend Summary – ETFs

  • Trending ETFs

  • Trending Stocks

  • Trend Map – Stocks

  • Trend Map – ETFs

Thanks to them it’s easier to introduce new daytrading solutions.

To share opinions about TrendsInvesting appearance and/or new facilities, send us an email at:


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