A little bit better than S&P500 - television stocks

2014-11-26 10:15:44

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Aggregated price change of stocks associated with television were better than S&P500 by 2.84 percent since 21st November.

There are some news regarding stocks, which are associated with television (AMC Networks, CBS Corporation, Comcast Corporation, Crown Media Holdings, Walt Disney Company, Discovery Communications, Twenty-First Century Fox, Media General and Scripps Networks Interctive).

Walt Disney decided to expand partnership with Shanghai Media Goup to include "television content development, movie production, content distribution and marketing cooperation."

CBS Corp. and Dish Network Group are negotiating on signing a new agreement. Few days ago Dish agreed on a five-day extention of expiring contract. The next news is that CBS is interested in Starz acquisition.

There is also the news concerning Comcast high-speed internet and pay-TV users. The number of high-speed internet users increased by 315,000, but the number of video subscribers decreased by 81,000.

Here are basic fundamental statistics concerning the stocks:
Average Market Capitalization: $47 B
Median Market Capitalization: $10.57 B

Average P/E: 18.78
Median P/E: 19.52
Weighted Average P/E: 19.7

Average ROE: 14.26%
Median ROE: 16.68%
Weighted Average ROE: 19.55%

Average Debt Ratio: 0.176
Median Debt Ratio: 0.32
Weighted Average Debt Ratio: 0.36

Average Current Ratio: 1.55
Median Current Ratio: 1.59
Weighted Average Current Ratio: 1.17

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Broadcasting - TV,CATV Systems,Entertainment - Diversified
Trend Strength: *****, Change: 2.84% Trend start: Friday, 2014-11-21 13:00

Motive instruments:





Important news:
CBS and Dish agree to extend deadline; blackout averted
The Walt Disney Company & Shanghai Media Group Expand Strategic Entertainment Alliance in China
FCC Comcast Merger Contract Disclosure Order Suspended by Court
Comcast Stretches Broadband Subscriber Lead In Q3
Will Starz Find a Buyer?




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