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2014-11-28 10:03:00

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Aggregated price of stocks associated with electronic payment servces (American Express, Heartland Payment Systems, Visa, MasterCard, Vantiv) increased by 2.89% since 19th November.

Four days ago the information about lawsuit against Visa over anti-competitive practises was published on Yahoo Finance website. It seemed that investors weren't worried about this news, because the price of Visa didn't fell sharply. Moreover, there were articles concerning Singapore merchants and bankers, who are more likely to use MasterPass and UK regulators, who decided to watch credit cards market more carefully. There was also an info about MasterCard's plans of Canadian market entry, which may become harmful to Visa.

The aggregated price of stocks associated with electronic payment services rose by 2.89 percent in eight days. During the last month the prices increased sharply.

Here are basic fundamental statistics concerning the stocks:
Average Market Capitalization: $71.51 B
Median Market Capitalization: $95.96 B

Average P/E: 26.4
Median P/E: 22.83
Weighted Average P/E: 23.53

Average P/BV: 8.19
Median P/BV: 7.39
Weighted Average P/BV: 8.22

Average ROE: 28.9%
Median ROE: 26.34%
Weighted Average ROE: 33.3%

Average Debt Ratio: 0.92
Median Debt Ratio: 0.9
Weighted Average Debt Ratio: 0.6

Average Current Ratio: 1.6
Median Current Ratio: 1.59
Weighted Average Current Ratio: 1.82

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Electronic Payments

Business Services,Mortgage Investment
Trend Strength: *****, Trend move: 2.89% Trend start: Wednesday, 2014-11-19 14:00

Motive instruments:



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