Strongest Trends Summary for Commodity ETFs

2015-01-11 06:18:38

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Biofuels ETF is in the medium-term down -30% below S&P in 1 year. In the long-term down -35% below S&P in 3 years. 
Coffee ETFs on average are in the short-term up 13% in 1 week. 
Livestock ETFs on average are in the short-term down -3% in 3 days. 

Base Metals


Industrial commodities

Aluminium ETF is in the medium-term down -14% below S&P in 1 month. In the long-term down -51%below S&P in 6 years. 
Base Metals ETFs on average are in the medium-term down -17% in 6 months. 
Base Metals, Industrial commodities, Market beta ETFs on average are in the medium-term down -6%in 1 month and down -20% in 7 months. 

Other Commodity ETFs

Brent Oil ETF is in the short-term down -15% below S&P in 2 weeks. In the medium-term down -18%below S&P in 2 weeks and down -44% below S&P in 2 months. In the long-term down -60% below S&P in 1 year and down -64% below S&P in 4 years. 
Broad basket ETFs on average are in the medium-term down -32% below S&P in 7 months. In the long-term down -50% below S&P in 5 years. 
Broad currency, Actively Managed, Commodity, Currency, Commodity producers ETF is in the medium-term down -11% below S&P in 3 months. 


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