How to beat the market with our tools

2015-02-04 12:25:53

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  • ­Need for systematic approach to investing but not based purely on computation
    • ­Belief that no strategy based purely on computation can be better than broad market in a long run (human intelligence not computable)
  • ­Finding that trends are the best way to organize information coming from the markets
    • ­Concentrating limited research resources on current trends
    • Trends and value investing – in case of having proper intrinsic value approximation below current market price it is good to avoid fighting the market – trends can help with the timing.


  • ­CARTs - Cumulative Abnormal Return Trends
  • CART Strategy
    • Strategy or way to organize information from the markets
    • Persistence / anti persistence - not decided - fixed strategies are exploitable so they can’t work forever
    • Currently in most cases we find favorable odds for trend continuation so we use CART Strategy as kind of momentum strategy


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CARTs - New Concept, Tool and Investment Strategy



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