Pharmaceuticals take a turn for the better (XPH)

2015-02-12 07:14:43

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Uptrend on some of the XPH components: CTLT, TXMD, PCRX, ZTS

Days Stock Trend Map analysis might suggest that it is worth investing in some of the Pharmaceutical ETFs.

But one particular ETF namely HPX is worth taking a closer look.

Our system generated many uptrends on its components Stock Trend Map 

So on Monday we had uptrends initiated on

CTLT (6.3%) – better earnings and TXMD (14.5%) – pricing public offering

while Tuesday fired up PCRX (5.06%) - price target 130 and ZTS (6.04%) – earnings beat

All of this seems interesting, and other SPDR S&P Pharmaceuticals ETF components might be your next

researching target.


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