Theme parks stocks rollercoaster

2014-10-23 15:03:00

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Industries: General Entertainment,Lodging

Trend Strength: *****, Change: 11.71% trend start: Wednesday, 2014-10-15 13:30

Description: There are two companies, which are theme parks operators.

Top Terms: Park parks miles River Grand hotel attractions

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Another Record Quarter at Six Flags as Revenue Climbs Seven Percent and Trailing Twelve Month Cash EPS(1) Rises 14 Percent

Six Flags beats Street 3Q forecasts

Moving Average Crossover Alert: Six Flags (SIX)

Cedar Fair (FUN): Moving Average Crossover Alert

As revealed, the 3Q earnings per share of Six Flags Entertainment Company beat the Wall Street expectation of $1.51. Six Flags had net income of $1.08. The earnings, adjusted for stock option expense, were $1.56 per share. Thanks to the higher earnings, the price of SIX rocketed by nearly 13 percent. The price of Cedar Fair (FUN) seem to follow the Six Flags (SIX), but in a slower pace.

It's easy to notice, that the value of fundamental indicators for those companies are higher than the average. ROE for both stocks exceeds 45 percent and the P/E is higher than 20. P/BV for Cedar Fair equals 134, for Six Flags 11.68.

One month ago, Zacks Equity Research revealed, that the 50-day SMA broke out below the 200-day SMA for both stocks (the death cross). On the one hand, investors can expect on a basis of death cross and the fundamental ratios, that the bearish market has just started. On the other hand the companies are reporting good financial results. The situation seems to be interesting.


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