Australian economy

2014-12-17 08:50:14

The country has been probably one of the largest beneficiaries of the economic boom in China, having grown continuously for more than two decades, however economic forecaster BIS Shrapnel expects a fall in Australian mining investment. Instead of Santa Claus rally we can notice downward trends, which started on 11 December 2014.

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What's happening with chemical companies?

2014-12-17 07:57:01

An aggregated price of chemical companies (Albemarle Corporation, FMC Corporation, W.R. Grace & Co., Huntsman Corporation, NewMarket Corporation, Rockwood Holdings) decreased by 8.5 percent since 5th December.

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Semiconductor industry in USA

2014-12-17 06:05:24

The stocks related to industrysemiconductors (Power Shares Dynamic Semiconductors, Market Vectors Semiconductor ETF, Direxion Daily Semicondct Bull 3X Shares iShares PHLX SOX Semiconductor Sector, ProShares Ultra Semiconductors,) have been in an upward  trend since 10th September.


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2014-12-03 10:12:46

An aggregated price of stocks associated with casinos (Las Vegas Sands Corp., MGM Resorts International, Melco Crown Entertainment, Wynn Resorts) felt by 1% since 1st December.

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Stocks associated with a cancer treatment

2014-12-02 12:01:00

An aggregated price of stocks, which are associated with a cancer treatment, grew by 2.53 percent since Monday 2:45 pm.

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Electronic payments stocks

2014-11-28 10:03:00

Aggregated price of stocks associated with electronic payment servces (American Express, Heartland Payment Systems, Visa, MasterCard, Vantiv) increased by 2.89% since 19th November.

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A little bit better than S&P500 - television stocks

2014-11-26 10:15:44

Aggregated price change of stocks associated with television were better than S&P500 by 2.84 percent since 21st November.

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Currently worse than S&P500 - wireless services providers

2014-11-25 08:53:07

Since 13th November the stocks associated with wireless connection services (Atlantic Tele-Network, NTELOS Holdings Corp, QUALCOMM, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon) are worse than S&P500 by 3.86%.

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Solar energy stocks trend reversal

2014-11-24 08:27:25

Aggregated price of solar stocks grew by nearly 15 percent since 13th November. It seems that the short-term downward trend has reversed.

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Social media websites

2014-11-21 08:28:04

Since 12th November an aggregated price of social media websites decreased by 5.1 pecent.

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Profiting from Stock Market Trends

2014-11-20 12:01:21

Following article presents concepts of financial market trends, its causes and investment opportunities.

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Companies offering investment solutions and products

2014-11-20 11:12:00

There is a downward trend in prices of companies offering investment products to their customers.

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Growing prices of apparel stocks

2014-11-19 11:06:10

Aggregated price of trending stocks, which are associated with apparel grew by 2.29 percent since 11th November.

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Explorers and producers of oil

2014-11-18 10:54:06

Aggregated price of companies which explore and produce oil in Africa, diminished by 7.53% since 7th November.

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Trending stocks of vehicles producers

2014-11-17 12:19:55

Aggregated price of vehicles producers grew by 5.16 percent in ten days.

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Cinema operators trending stocks

2014-11-14 10:15:37

In spite of bad news the aggregated price of cinema operators rose by 2.5% in three days.

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Solar energy stocks

2014-11-13 10:12:04

The aggregated price of companies, which activity is associated with solar energy (SunEdison, First Solar and SunPower Corporation) decreased by 13.67 percent since 31st October.

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New features and new appearance

2014-11-13 08:40:05

There are new features available at TrendsInvesting website: Trend Map and 15-minute intraday trends.

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Companies associated with consulting and advisory

2014-11-12 10:47:07

The aggregated price of nine stocks, which activity concerns consulting and advisory rose by 8.3 percent since 30th October. There were some news concerning the companies, mainly about financial results for the third quarter. Most of them were positive or neutral (more in "News and articles" section).

There are basic fundamental data of the stocks:

Average Market Capitalization: $374.79 M
Median Market Capitalization: $335.72 M

Average P/BV: 2.08
Median P/BV: 1.5
Weighted Average P/BV: 1.77

Average ROE: 4.6%
Median ROE: 5.9%
Weighted Average ROE: 2.9%

Average Current Ratio: 2.21
Median Ratio: 2.01
Weighted Average Current Ratio: 2.41

Average Debt Ratio: 7.48
Median Debt Ratio: 0.34
Weighted Average Debt Ratio: 3.29

The values of aggregated indicators has been disturbed by one company (CT Partners Executive Search), whose values has been significantly above the average.

Link to the trend on Current Stock Market Trends: [here]
Link to the stock screener with details about the stocks: [here]

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Companies associated with videos

2014-11-10 10:05:08

There are four trending stocks, which are highly associated with videos. That's Brightcove (BCOV), Dolby Laboratories (DLB), DTS (DTSI) and Harmonic (HLIT). Their aggregated price rose by 13.86 percent since 27th October.

There are mainly positive news about those companies for the last time. Only Harmonic Inc. published disappointing financial results for the third quarter. Brightcove beat Street 3Q forecasts, European Comission has given a green light for Dolby Laboratories to acquire a digital cinema technology group Doremi. Harmonic and Brightcove have signed new agreements with their partners (more information below in "News and articles" section).

Here are basic fundamental data of the stocks:
Average Market Capitalization: $1.42 B
Median Market Capitalization: $572.87 M

P/E: -21.23 (BCOV), 21.12 (DLB), 17.76 (DTI), -15.22 (HLIT)

Average P/BV: 2.33
Median P/BV: 2.5
Weighted Average P/BV: 2.44

Average Current Ratio: 3.65
Median Current Ratio: 3.99
Weighted Average Current Ratio: 4.87

Average Debt Ratio: 0.23
Median Debt Ratio: 0.17
Weighted Average Debt Ratio: 0.14

Average ROE: 0.8%
Median ROE: 0%
Weighted Average ROE: 8.9%

Link to the trend: [here]
Link to the stock screener with detailed info about the stocks: [here]

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Financial information providers

2014-11-07 07:52:17

Aggregated price of FactSet Research Systems Inc. (FDS) and Morningstar Inc. (MORN) rose by 6.28 percent since 24th October.

Here is a basic fundamental info about the FactSet Research Systems:
Market Capitalization: $5.57 B
P/E: 27.66
P/BV: 10.81
ROE: 40.19
Current Ratio: 2.01
Debt Ratio: 0.23

Here is a basic fundamental info about the Morningstar:
Market Capitalization: $3.07 B
P/E: 26.28
P/BV: 4.58
ROE: 11.65
Current Ratio: 1.34
Debt Ratio: 0.43

Link to the trend: [here]
Link to stock screener with data about the stocks: [here]

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Precious metals explorers and miners

2014-11-06 11:42:58

The aggregated price of gold and silver mining companies plunged by 25.85% in two weeks. The price of gold ounce decreased by 7 percent,
the price of silver ounce felt by 11 percent simultaneously.

These price drops are connected with the bearish market on precious metals. The prices don't change their direction (from downward to upward) even if there are good or neutral news.

Here is a basic data about the stocks:

Average market capitalization: $794.9 M

Average P/BV: 1.68
Weighted Average P/BV: 1.56
Median P/BV: 1.63

Average ROE: -17.7%
Weighted Average ROE: -1.67%
Median ROE: -7.07%

Average Current Ratio: 10.68
Weighted Average Current Ratio: 26.6
Median Current Ratio: 4.03

Average Debt Ratio: 20.67
Weighted Average Debt Ratio: 9.96
Median Debt Ratio: 0.09

Link to the stock screener: [here]
Link to the trend: [here]

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Companies, which activity is associated with gas

2014-11-05 10:50:16

There is a group of trending stocks, which activity is associated with gas. The aggregated price of those stocks decreased by 6.92 percent since 3rd November 2014. It's good to remind that the oil price decreased by nearly 4 percent and gas price by 3 percent in the same period. Moreover, many companies published it's quarter financial results.

Here is a basic fundamental summary of stocks included in the trend:

Average Market Capitalization: $4.92 B

Average P/E Ratio: -55.51
Weighted Average P/E Ratio: -145.2

Average P/BV: 2.86
Weighted Average P/BV: 4.88
Median P/BV: 2,01

Average ROE: 0.74%
Weighted Average ROE: 7.37%
Median ROE: 1.74%

Average Debt to Equity: 41.63%
Weighted Averge Debt to Equity: 61.39%
Median Debt to Equity: 23%

Link to the stock screener with info about the stocks: [here]
Link to the trend: [here]

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Eye treatment

2014-11-04 06:51:07

There is a short-term trend in prices of companies, which activity concerns eye treatment. The aggregated price of Alimera Sciences and pSivida Corporation declined by 10.62 percent since last Thursday. There are two short summaries concerning fundamental data of both stocks:


  • Market Capitalization: $218.57 M
  • Price to Earnings: -5.74
  • Price to Book Value: 16.79
  • Return on Equity: -260.03%
  • Debt to Equity: 0.31
  • Current Ratio: 11.29


  • Market Capitalization: $128.71 M
  • Price to Earnings: -8.35
  • Price to Book Value: 8.02
  • Return on Equity: -89.54%
  • Debt to Equity: 0.14
  • Current Ratio: 9.08

It is easy to notice that the fundamental characteristics of both companies are similar.
There is no new information, which may have an impact on current price. The only info, which was published at the beginning of trend was about $25 Million payment under pSivida's out-license of drug (more info in article below). Probably the prices of those stocks bounced off resistance lines.

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The same industry, but different financial condition

2014-11-03 06:33:01

Advertising companies

Marketing Services

Trend Strength: *****, Change: 3.1% Trend start: Wednesday, 2014-10-29 14:00

Motif instruments:

News and articles:

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Networking companies go with the market

2014-10-31 05:45:48


Data Storage Devices,Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits,Networking & Communication Devices,Networking & Communication Devices,Application Software,Semiconductor Equipment & Materials,Communication Equipment

Trend Strength:*****, Change: 10.16% Trend start: Tuesday, 2014-10-21 11:30

Motif instruments:

News and articles:

Why Extreme Networks EXTR Could Be Positioned for a Slump
Emulex reports 1Q loss
F5 Networks CEO Explains Retirement, Says Growth Trends Are Intact
Equinix Innovates for the Future of Cloud-Based Solutions With Juniper Networks
Why Bridgewater Associates decreased its position in Cisco

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3D prototyping - buying expectations

2014-10-30 07:07:39

The stocks of 3D Systems Corporation (DDD) and Proto Labs (PRLB) felt by 11 percent since 16th October due to the disappointing financial results.

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Are the contracts the reason of stock plunge?

2014-10-28 13:13:05

Since the middle of October most of stocks regained after one-month collapse. But one of the most gaining companies is General Dynamics, which revealed it's financial results for the third quarter. As says, the General Dynamics has improved it's earnings six quarters in a row. The reason of good results is a higher number of contracts.

ZACKS Equity Research specialists claim, that the earnings of General Dynamics has enlarged thanks to strong financial situation, higher backlogs and cost control efforts. Moreover, they expect that higher backlog and improvement at the Combat Systems and Marine Systems segments will boost the sales. Currently these stocks are strongly recommended.

The next good news is that the Pentagon and Congress may streamline the regulations concerning military devices acquisitions.

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Theme parks stocks rollercoaster

2014-10-23 15:03:00

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What happened with poultry producers?

2014-10-21 11:00:00

Poultry producers


Trend Strength: *****, Change: -6.72% Trend start: Wednesday, 2014-10-08 14:15

Motif instruments:

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Are the utilities contrarian?

2014-10-17 11:42:07


Electric Utilities,Diversified Utilities,Water Utilities,Gas Utilities

Trend Strength: *****, Change: 7.07% Trend start: Friday, 2014-10-03 11:30

Motif instruments:


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Starting Water ETF trend

2014-10-14 11:23:51


Water, Natural Resources, Equity

Trend Strength: medium , Change: 1.46% Trend start: Monday, 2014-10-13 14:00

Motif instruments:


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Precious metals changing direction?

2014-10-14 08:21:03

Precious metals

Trend Strength: ***** , Change: -12.64% Trend start: Tuesday, 2014-07-29

Motif instruments:


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