How our algorithm works?

2015-10-19 05:49:50

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Investing in Brazil

2015-07-29 07:11:35

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What about precious metals ETFs?

2015-07-27 07:27:44

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The cocoa market – uptrend

2015-07-21 10:10:50

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New trends on the US stocks after the Thursday (July, 16) session.

2015-07-17 07:30:30

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WEAT 15 percent above S&P in 6 days

2015-06-30 11:02:23

The Teucrium Wheat Fund (WEAT) was one of the best investment opportunities last week and yesterday.

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The Greek companies on the US stock market.

2015-06-30 10:53:54

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How to use our tool to check the best performing stock markets

2015-06-26 09:05:51

We are now in times of geopolitical uncertainty – The situation of Greece.

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The South Africa ETF - the new long-term trend or just some fluctuations?

2015-06-25 13:39:33

iShares MSCI South Africa ETF (EZA) has risen from $62.5 on mid-Wednesday to over $67 at the beginning of today's session. Considering its beta value, EZA has grown almost 7% above S&P 500:

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Commodities and the Greek turmoil

2015-06-24 09:28:57

Everything is about Greece nowadays, what Tsipras says seems to be crucial for stock markets and currencies.

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Greece: huge volatility but still growing; what's next?

2015-06-23 13:02:04

As we wrote in the morning, the weekly volatility of The Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF (GREK) equals 7.83%. Nevertheless, the weekly uptrend of Greece equity market is strong and evident.

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India: after all the downtrend was over

2015-06-23 09:33:45

On the June 10th we wrote that the downtrend recorded by the India equity ETFs seemed to be over (see:,indian-equity-etfs-recorded-a-relative-downtrend-but-it-seems-to-be-over). Since the June 11th these ETFs have already grown 7.2% above S&P 500 on the average, considering their beta values:

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Volatility check on the most popular financial instruments (FOREX)

2015-06-23 07:34:14

$EUR-USD  daily 0.91%  weekly 2.03%

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The US stock market vs the Greek stock market

2015-06-22 09:14:25

Markets try to find balance in the midst of the Greece story.

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Trends and Live market comments

2015-06-19 07:03:18

From now on you are not only able to see the latest trends, but you can also read live comments of what is actually going on in the selected stocks.

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The biotechnology ETFs bullish today. In fact, bullish for four years.

2015-06-18 12:12:30

There is a strong uptrend on the biotechnology ETFs today. The most liquid iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF (IBB) is 3.5% above S&P 500, considering beta values (12:08 UTC-4):

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The insurance ETFs have also been outperforming S&P

2015-06-18 07:35:23

9 days ago we wrote about the huge abnormal returns of the bank stock ETFs (see:,huge-abnormal-returns-of-the-bank-stock-etfs). But the insurance ETFs have also been outperforming S&P, considering their beta values.

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The Indonesia ETFs the worst among the emerging markets

2015-06-16 12:11:51

Since June, 2 the Indonesia equity ETFs have fallen almost 9% below S&P 500, considering their beta values. The largest iShares MSCI Indonesia ETF (EIDO) has declined 8% below S&P in two weeks and 16% in two months:

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The South Korean equity ETFs still falling

2015-06-12 09:18:42

Since the April 24th the South Korean equity ETFs have fallen 14% below S&P 500, considering their beta values. The largest iShares MSCI South Korea Capped ETF (EWY) is almost 12% below S&P:

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Are you investing in the EUR/USD? Here is what you should keep in mind at the moment.

2015-06-11 07:08:17

There is a lot to take into account at the moment. Here are some of the most important factors influencing the most popular currency pair in the world.

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Indian equity ETFs recorded a relative downtrend but it seems to be over

2015-06-10 12:02:02

From the June 1st till yesterday the Indian equity ETFs had fallen more than 6% below S&P 500, considering their beta values. Today the trend is opposite.

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Huge abnormal returns of the bank stock ETFs

2015-06-09 12:08:32

Exchange traded funds tracking the performance of the banking sector stocks have grown 7% above S&P 500 in June (considering their beta values):

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The relative uptrend on the U.S. small-cap ETFs

2015-06-09 09:24:40

Since the May 28th the ETFs tracking the performance of the U.S. small-cap companies have grown 2.6% above S&P 500, considering their beta values:

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How to look for market correlations and investing ideas using Market Overview

2015-06-09 06:39:48

If you want to find investing ideas and you just sit to the markets you should start with checking the shortest trend horizons on the market overview.

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Crude Oil - analysis

2015-06-08 09:36:48

The OPEC meeting did not change anything – there will not be any cuts in output. 

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POUND and GDP data

2015-05-28 07:05:32

UK data- trend analysis

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Poland since 2008: strong economy, weak stock market

2015-05-12 11:21:09

During the 2008-2013 period Poland experienced a cumulative GDP growth of 20,1% (comparing to the EU average of 0,9%) and the last year growth achieved 3,4%. However, the stock market did not reflect the good conditions of the Polish economy.

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Bearish Treasury Bond ETFs are still rising

2015-05-12 10:15:46

Since April 17, the triple-inversed ETFs based on 20+ Year Treasury Bond Indices (TTT and TMV) have already grown 28% above S&P, considering beta value.

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Thank you for your comments and feedback!

2015-05-08 05:35:03

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Copper - the end of the 4-year downtrend?

2015-05-07 12:03:34

Unlike many other base metals, the copper has been growing since the end of January. However, the copper prices might be only zigzaging around the 4-year downtrend.

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A Hint on using the Market Overview tool

2015-05-05 06:50:46

The Market Overview is a perfect tool to find the market correlations.

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$2.4 million tweet

2015-04-07 06:14:57

A week ago CNBC wrote about a trader who made above $2 million in 28 minutes. It was a news story concerning Altera and Intel. According to The Wall Street Journal Intel wanted to buy Altera. More about the story:

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Trendsinvesting is beginning another chapter

2015-03-18 11:05:33

We present you with a handful of new features we have just started

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UPDATE On Live Trends!

2015-03-12 12:25:22

We are happy to announce that the real time trend presentation is moving full steam ahead. We will start to present some sample LIVE trends NEXT WEEK

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Hello TrendsInvesting users,

2015-02-24 07:40:42

We are on the verge of a huge breakthrough.

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It has already been 6 years since US consumer staples have started to beat S&P

2015-02-18 12:02:58

Since the first quarter of 2009, some consumer staples ETFs recorded cumulative abnormal returns trends (CARTs) of even 100%, relative to S&P, considering beta value.

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A two-year relative downtrend on Singapore equities accelerates in February

2015-02-18 09:44:33

iShares MSCI Singapore Index Fund [EWS] is currently on the same level as two years ago. However, during this period it recorded a cumulative abnormal loss of 30%, relative to S&P, considering beta value.

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Pharmaceuticals sector records abnormal returns in the short, the medium and the long term

2015-02-17 11:35:26

ETFs tracking the performance of pharmaceuticals have been for years recording returns that are better than expected from CAPM.

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Semiconductors on their feet

2015-02-16 09:47:23

Thanks to unexpectedly good Apple results Semiconductors ETFs are speeding up.

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Nigeria ETF continues to sink

2015-02-13 09:25:09

Since the beginning of September 2014 Global X Funds' Nigeria ETF has fallen 50%. This trend has not been stopped as since January 29 the ETF has already lost 15%.

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Efficient Market Hypothesis and trends investing

2015-02-12 10:25:58

According to the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH), every stock price incorporates all relevant information. Stock market efficiency makes it impossible to beat the market by purchasing undervalued or selling overvalued stocks. Expected returns are always proportional to the risk. Stock price volatility should reflect the volatility of fundamental factors expected in the future. That means the price should always be equal to the time-discounted value of expected future dividends.

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Pharmaceuticals take a turn for the better (XPH)

2015-02-12 07:14:43

Uptrend on some of the XPH components: CTLT, TXMD, PCRX, ZTS

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Big news initiate Big moves - First Solar Inc (FSLR)

2015-02-11 09:10:00

Big news initiate big trends. Let’s take a closer look at First Solar, Inc.

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Amira Nature Foods downtrend

2015-02-10 09:51:31

Amira Nature Foods, seemed like rather good investing opportunity

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A lot of uncertainty around Greece

2015-02-10 07:40:00

The problem of Greece comes and goes for months. It seems impossible for markets to forget about the financial uncertainty that stems from this country.

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Oil price recovery has a positive impact on crude oil ETFs

2015-02-09 12:09:02

Oil prices generally continue to grow since January 29 and the low of $43,85 per barrel. Monday, February 9, is the third consecutive day of rising prices, which now do not fall under $53 per barrel. Today the main reason seems to be OPEC's forecast of higher demand than was previously stated, and of less supply from countries outside OPEC.

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Last week’s top stock market trends

2015-01-19 10:45:35

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Earning 197 percent in 6 months making decisions based on information from our portal

2015-01-14 11:17:13

As reported by one user of our portal - he made 197% gain in last 6 months just from finding trends using our TrendsInvesting tools. 


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Strongest Trends Summary for Commodity ETFs

2015-01-11 06:18:38


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Will Biotechnology sector be still in a bull market?

2015-01-07 05:10:24

The biotechnology sector was the best performing sector in the last year.

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