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High Yield ETFs

There are many ETFs which invest in high yield bonds. High-yield ETFs focus on lower-quality bonds, which are more risky than those of higher-quality companies. These types of ETFs provide better returns than ETFs investing in the government and corporate bonds. In addition, high yield bonds are less vulnerable to the interest rate shifts. The high-yield ETFs are designed for investors who are willing to take more risk. For instance, a bond’s price may decrease if interest rates rise or in case of recessions. Nevertheless, investing in high yield bonds may provide high levels of income and the ability to reduce the overall portfolio volatility.

Strongest Trends Summary: High Yield ETFs


Corporate, High Yield, Actively Managed ETF is in the medium-term down -5% below S&P in 1 year. In the long-term down -11% below S&P in 3 years.
Corporate, High Yield, Maturity 0-5 years, U.S. ETF is in the long-term up 17% in 9 years.
High Yield, Fundamental ETF is in the long-term up 59% in 14 years.

Other High Yield ETFs

High Yield ETFs on average are in the long-term up 33% in 9 years.
High Yield, Income, Long-Short ETF is in the long-term up 30% in 10 years.
High Yield, Municipal Bond ETFs on average are in the long-term up 7% in 2 years and up 54% in 3 years.

High Yield ETFs List

Symbol Company Name Price Change Total net assets Total expense ratio
ANGL Market Vectors ETF Trust 29.06 0.24%
BSJF Claymore Exchange-Traded Fund Trust 25.73
BSJG Claymore Exchange-Traded Fund Trust 25.81
BSJH Claymore Exchange-Traded Fund Trust 25.85 0.08%
BSJI Claymore Exchange-Traded Fund Trust 25.27 0.16%
BSJJ Guggenheim BulletShares 2019 Hi 24.22 0.04%
BSJK Guggenheim BulletShares 2020 Hi 24.38 0.16%
EMHY iShares Emerging Markets High Yield Bond ETF 48.27 0.02% 181.41 M 0.65%
GHYG iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond ETF 48.36 0.27% 92.2 M 0.4%
HYD Market Vectors High Yield Muni. Ind 29.27 -0.14% 0.35%
HYEM Market Vectors ETF Trust 24.15 0.04%
HYG iShares iBoxx $ High Yid Corp Bond 86.6 0.19% 13.29 B 0.5%
HYGH iShares Interest Rate Hedged High Yld Bd ETF 90.21 0.19%
HYLD Advisorshares Trust 35.53 -0.59% 1.04 B
HYLS First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund IV 48.25 0.29%
HYMB SPDR Series Trust 55.99 0.41% 0.5%
HYS PIMCO ETF Trust 100.32 0.15% 0.55%
HYXU iShares Global ex USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF 45.19 -0.02% 146.21 M 0.4%
IHY Market Vectors ETF Trust 23.99 0.21%
IJNK SPDR Barclays Intl Hi Yld Bd ETF 23.53
JNK SPDR Barclays Capital High Yield Bnd ETF 36.66 0.25% 0.4%
PHB PowerShares Hgh Yield Corporate Bnd 18.75 0.5%
QLTB iShares Baa Ba Rated Corporate Bond ETF 53.17 20.82 M 0.3%
QLTC iShares B Ca Rated Corporate Bond ETF 46.81 15.89 M 0.55%
SHYD Market Vectors Short Hi-Yld Muni Idx ETF 23.77 -0.38%
SHYG iShares 0-5 Year High Yield Cor 47.32 0.13% 55.64 M 0.5%
SJB ProShares Trust 24.66 -0.11%
SJNK SPDR Series Trust 27.82 0.29% 0.4%
THHY Market Vectors ETF Trust 23.86 0.17%
UJB ProShares Trust 59.48 2.93 M 0.95%