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Short Duration ETFs

Strongest Trends Summary: Short Duration ETFs

Actively Managed

Government debt, Short Duration, Actively Managed, U.S. ETF is in the long-term up 3% in 7 years.
Short Duration, Mortgage-Backed, Actively Managed ETF is in the long-term up 13% in 6 years.

Short Duration ETFs List

Symbol Company Name Price Change Total net assets Total expense ratio
FTSD Franklin Short Duration U.S. Go 97.3 -0.04% 27.67 M 0.43%
FTSM First Trust Enhanced Short Maturity ETF 59.9 -0.03%
GSY Clyme US Cptl Mkts Mco Trm Fxd Idx 50.19 0.04%
LDUR PIMCO Low Duration ETF 100.43 -0.06%
LMBS First Trust Low Duration Mortg Opps ETF 52.13 0.02%
TDTF Flexshares Trust 24.89 0.2% 301.07 M
TDTT Flexshares Trust 24.67 0.2% 2.07 B