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Covered Call ETFs

Covered call, also known as “buy-write” strategy, is one of the most popular and easiest option strategies. It is basing on purchasing equities or taking long positions in futures and taking a short position in call options. The strategy is designed for investors who invest in the equity market. If the stock price does not change or slightly increases, the option premium is the additional profit, which improves the profitability of the transaction. It is believed that portfolios basing on a covered call strategy are characterized by higher profitability and lower volatility than portfolios consisting solely of equities – covered call portfolios are therefore considered safer. The strategy is applied under the assumption that price of the underlying instrument will not be a subject to large fluctuations in the near future. Investors suffer losses if a price drop of the underlying instrument exceeds received premium given by the option.

Strongest Trends Summary: Covered Call ETFs





Actively Managed, Covered Call ETF is in the medium-term up 7% in 5 months. In the long-term up 29% in 8 years.
Blend, Long-Short ETFs on average are in the medium-term up 6% in 5 months.
Large-cap, Blend, Covered Call, Long-Short, U.S. ETF is in the long-term up 87% in 14 years.

Other Large-cap

Large-cap, Blend, Covered Call ETFs on average are in the medium-term up 7% in 5 months.

Other Covered Call ETFs

Silver, Precious metals, Commodity, Covered Call ETF is in the long-term down -23% in 4 years.

Covered Call ETFs List

Symbol Company Name Price Change Total net assets Total expense ratio
BWV iPath Goldman Sachs Barclays Bank PLC iPath Exchange Traded Notes Linked to the CBOE S&P 500 BuyWrite Index Structured Product 69.94 0.3%
HSPX Exchange Traded Concepts Trust II 45.71 0.05%
PBP PowerShares S&P 500 BuyWrite Portfol ETF 21.47 0.75%
SLVO Credit Suisse AG - Credit Suisse Silver Shares Covered Call Exchange Traded Notes 8.11 -0.49% 26.2 M 0.65%
VEGA AdvisorShares Trust 27.66 0.14% 27.22 M