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Canada ETFs

Investing through Canadian ETFs provide an instant exposure to the country’s entire economy, specific industries, and certain asset classes. There are many types of the Canadian ETFs, they may focus on market capitalizations, specific sectors or Canadian dollar. The country is rich in natural resources. Its economy is mainly basing on large mining and energy sectors – Canada is the energy independent country. The country holds the position of one of the largest agricultural exporters in the world. Canada is considered one of the wealthiest and safest countries in the world – the reasons for this are many: plenty of natural resources (precious metals or crude oil), stable political situation (low budget deficit) and strong economy (stable inflation rates). Besides all the benefits there is always some investing risk involved e.g. strong ties with the U.S. market (which may reduce the positive effects of diversification) or natural resources sector (volatile commodity prices movements.)

Strongest Trends Summary: Canada ETFs

Canada ETFs on average are in the long-term down -21% below S&P in 5 years.
Dividend, Energy, Canada ETF is in the long-term down -51% in 13 years.
USD - CAD, Canadian Dollar ETF is in the long-term down -6% below S&P in 4 years.

Canada ETFs List

Symbol Company Name Price Change Total net assets Total expense ratio
CNDA Index IQ Canada Small Cap ETF 16.32 -0.25% 0.69%
CNPF Global X Funds
ENY Claymore/SWM Canadian Energy Income ETF 9.03 -1.53%
EWC iShares MSCI Canada Index 26.07 -0.53% 3.03 B 0.51%
EWCS Ishares MSCI Canada Small Cap ETF 16.73 2.4 M 0.59%
FCAN First Trust Exchange Traded AlphaDEX Fund II 23.2 0.8%
FXC Guggenheim CurrencyShares Canadian 73 -0.29% 0.4%
QCAN SPDR MSCI Canada Quality Mix ETF 53.31 -0.22%