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Australia ETFs

There are not many Exchange-Traded Funds, which are exposed to the Australian economy. Some of the ETFs invest in large Australian companies while others focus on performance of the Australian Dollar. Moreover, Australia has strong economic ties with the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. It is a developed country with plenty of natural resources such as coal, iron ore, copper, gold, natural gas and uranium. In addition, the region is rich in renewable energy sources. All ETFs responsible for this region are 'passive' - they track assets or market indexes movements. Australia is a politically stable country with business-friendly environment (it is one of the most transparent and well-regulated business environments in the world) and sophisticated financial service sector. Due to these factors, investing in the Australian ETFs is appropriate for investors with low-risk tolerance. Nevertheless, investors should remember that the large part of Australian growth depends on the Chinese demand for natural resources. 

Strongest Trends Summary: Australia ETFs

High Dividend Yield, Dividend, Australia ETF is in the long-term down -16% below S&P in 4 years.

Australia ETFs List

Symbol Company Name Price Change Total net assets Total expense ratio
AUD Pimco Australia Bond Index Exchange-Traded Fund ETF
AUSE WisdomTree Pacific ex Japan Hgh Yd 51 -1.67% 55.14 M 0.58%
EWA iShares MSCI Australia Index Fund 20.05 -0.74% 1.77 B 0.51%
EWAS Ishares MSCI Australia Small Cap ETF 15 2.13 M 0.59%
FAUS First Trust Exchange Traded AlphaDEX Fund II 28.1
KROO Index IQ Australia Small Cap ETF 15.27 -1.8% 0.69%
QAUS SPDR MSCI Australia Quality Mix ETF 46.79 -1.21%