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The concept of trend investing is widely recognized. It is rather straight forward in approach – if a certain instrument goes up consistently why should one try and bet against the move. Our site spots existing trends, collects the data and signals new potential upward or downward moves. It gives you a hint, which otherwise could be lost in the loads of data that are being produced every minute of every hours, as markets constantly change their behavior. We pick up the signals, the rest is in your hands.


Market Overview

market overviewGives you the general picture of what is going on at the moment. You can get yourself familiar with the strongest trends, investing news, the most significant market movers – both up and down. You can also take a peek at the best performing ETFs country by country

Below you can find video tutorial about how to use 'Trending Now' section of Market Overview Page:


Trend Screeners

market overviewGet yourself acquainted with the current trends.



The horizontal slider presents you with a variety of searching options such as: Direction of the move, Instrument Type – either Stock, ETFs or Forex; Trend Type – Absolute trends – calculated on the basic value; Relative to S&P – the S&P index serves as the benchmark index ; Capitalization – you can choose between large and small caps; Show – you pick between either Instruments or Motifs.

Example: Let’s say you are looking for any stocks with strong downward trends from the last few trading days , what is more, the trends are to perform worse than the S&P500 index.

To do this you will need to set the slider to days, then you choose Direction: Down Instrument; Type: stock ; Trend Type: Relative to S&P; Capitalization: Any; Show: instruments



trend summary

Here is a possible outcome of the example search. You are presented with the Trend strength and Trend move as well as the beginning of the move – Trend start.





You are also displayed with the most recent and important company news. You can switch the chart interval to 1D, 10D, 3M or 2Y.




When you chose Motifs in the Show option you can browse through Stock Market Trends Summary. You will be given trends for any specific group of instruments such as Biotechnology, Gas & Oil Producers, Wireless Communications etc. You can do the same for ETFs or Forex instruments



Trend Maps


The Trend Maps of Stocks, ETFs and Forex are extremely useful when you need to find the specific trends that are in duration basing on the chosen time frame.



You will be shown a category – Precious Metals in this case – with specific stocks that have recently build an upward (green) or downward (red) trend.



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