Investment Strategy


There are many types of investment strategies nowadays. Every strategy should be used with the appropriate time horizon and precisely determined market situation. The strategy itself is nothing else but a set of strictly specified rules. There are many different strategies depending on the investment goals. Some of the factors influencing the choice of a particular strategy include:

Investing time horizon – a shorter investment time horizon requires more focus on the technical issues concerning buying and selling. The longer the time is, more focus needs to be put into the fundamentals such as economy, long-term trends etc

Level of the investor’s knowledge – Traders should be aware that investing in the markets is not easy and it may sometimes turn out extremely costly. Investing requires constant education. The more advanced investors might understand what leverage is or how to read financial reports. When one is only starting to invest it is advisable to buy the basic financial instruments e.g. blue chips. Every trade brings new experience and with time one can build more complex strategies

We show our users one of the most basic investing concepts - a trend. Trends are easy to understand and so they might be considered suitable for the beginners.



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