Momentum And Swing Trading


Momentum trading means opening positions basing on large and rapid moves on the stock market indices, currencies, options or equities. Traders who are looking for price breakouts act on news, reports or any other events that can affect stock prices.

Our tools might turn out helpful in spotting particular stocks, ETFs or Forex instruments that move more than the market averages.

Swing trading is a trading style basing on significant market fluctuations. The time of such investments is ranging from one to four days. Investors focus their attention on the trends’ reversals – they use technical analysis to do it. Swing traders are very much interested in movements inside of trends. They need to act fast when they see the investment opportunity as timing is really crucial for this method to work. Sometimes it takes time to find the right opportunity to invest on the swing, but patience pays off in this case.

We inform our users of potential swing trading opportunities as we spot for dynamic upward and downward movements – possible entry points for those who look for trends within the trends.



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