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Strongest Trends Summary For Motif Large-cap, Blend, Europe

Large-cap, Blend, Europe ETF is in the long-term down -62% below S&P in 10 years.



You can switch the trend horizon using links provided in the summary above. For more information about relative trends methodology see relative trends.

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Downward trend on Largecap Blend Europe - down -61.64% below S&P in 7 years

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[FEEU] Barclays ETN FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN

Barclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Europe 50 Exchange Traded Notes (the “ETNs”) that Barclays Bank PLC may issue from time to time are linked to a leveraged participation in the performance of the STOXX Europe 50® USD (Gross Return) Index (the “Index”). The Index is composed of 50 European blue-chip companies (the “Index Constituents”) selected from within the STOXX Europe 600 Index (the “Parent Index”). The investment seeks to approximate the returns that might be available to investors through a leveraged “long” investment in the Index.


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