Trends for Lithium ETFs

Strongest Trends Summary For Motif Lithium

Lithium ETF is in the medium-term down -30% below S&P in 1 year. In the long-term down -39% in 2 years and down -48% below S&P in 2 years.


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Downward trend on Lithium - down -38.88% in 2 years

Lithium, Metals and Mining, Equity, Materials, Natural Resources ETFs

[LIT] Global X Funds

The investment seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Solactive Global Lithium Index. The fund invests at least 80% of its total assets in the securities of the underlying index and in American Depositary Receipts ("ADRs") and Global Depositary Receipts ("GDRs") based on the securities in the underlying index. The underlying index is designed to measure broad based equity market performance of global companies involved in the lithium industry. The fund is non-diversified.

Strongest Trends Summary Related To Lithium

Lithium ETF is in the medium-term down -30% below S&P in 1 year. In the long-term down -39% in 2 years and down -48% below S&P in 2 years.



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WML.V: Wealth Minerals Provides Corporate Update: lithium portfolio fine-tuned, expecting copper spin-out, financing news

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Albemarle Entered a Definitive Agreement with Mineral Resources

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Keep the Menorah ‘LIT’ With This ETF

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Supply Shortage Could Impact Lithium ETF

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Albemarle’s Dividend Yield Has Risen in 2018

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Albemarle Enters Lithium Joint Venture with Mineral Resources

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Albemarle’s Q3 Earnings Beat the Expectations, Top Line Missed

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Trending: Emerging Markets Deeper Into Bear Territory After Trump’s Remarks on Tariffs

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Albemarle Stock Rose 6.4% on Better-than-Expected Q2 Earnings

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How Thematic Equity Can Energize a Portfolio

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Albemarle Signs Heads of Agreement for Hydrocracking

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3 Reasons to Still Love Lithium ETF

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[$$] Want to Invest in Lithium and Cobalt? Good Prices Are Hard to Find

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Unreliable Metal Pricing Fueled Volatile Swings in Lithium ETFs

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Albemarle Reports Double-Digit Earnings and Revenue Growth

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Trending: Oil Climbs to Multi-Year Highs on Iran Sanction Woes

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WML.V: Wealth Minerals Continues to Advance Properties in its Lithium Portfolio

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Trending: Facebook Plummets as Watchdog Launches Investigation Into Use of Personal Data

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The Long-Term View On Lithium

2018-03-13 08:38:40

Albemarle Gets a Higher Lithium Quota in Chile

2018-03-01 08:07:05

Albemarle’s 4Q17 Adjusted Earnings Beat Estimate, Stock Rose

2018-02-27 15:53:07

Albemarle Increases Its Cash Dividend 24 Years in a Row

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Albemarle’s New Technology Increased Lithium Production in Chile

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Rare Earths ETF Tops Its Lithium Rival

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Albemarle Appointed Laurie Brlas to Board of Directors

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The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Tesla and Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF

2017-06-23 13:28:05

How Tesla is Driving the Lithium ETF Higher

2017-06-09 12:35:43

Why Albemarle’s Dividend Yield Has Taken a Tumble

2017-05-05 13:21:15

Albemarle’s 1Q17 Earnings Beat Estimates, Stock Surges

2017-04-13 08:00:00

Trending: The Future of U.S.-China Relations In The Trump Era

2017-04-07 11:39:03

Like Tesla And Mobileye? Thematic ETFs Hold More Stocks Like Them

2017-04-03 07:30:11

Lithium ETF LIT Hits New 52-Week High

2017-03-26 03:19:00

3 Reasons to Buy Lithium LIT, TSLA

2017-03-01 07:37:15

The Latest Analyst Recommendations for Albemarle

2017-02-15 11:28:16

Is the Lithium Sector Still Apealing?

2016-12-02 13:17:00

Why Lithium Prices May Fall As Auto Battery Demand Rises

2016-09-16 09:00:00

Tesla and Lithium Demand Has LIT up This ETF

2016-09-01 11:00:00

Trending on Financials Equities Rally as Federal Reserve Signals Rate Hike

2016-08-26 15:17:32

Lithium ETF Captures Key Element Of Mobile Tech, Electric Cars

2016-08-17 15:38:07

Everything Investors Should Know About the Lithium ETF LIT

2016-08-12 09:04:44

Why Did FMC’s Lithium Segment’s Revenue Rise in 2Q16?

2016-08-04 12:41:04

Forget Oil, Invest in Lithium ETF

2016-08-01 19:02:42

ETFs To Buy On The Dip: Lithium Is 'White Petroleum' And Tesla Play

2016-08-01 19:02:42

ETFs To Buy On The Dip: Lithium Is 'White Petroleum' And Tesla Play

2016-07-25 15:41:00

The great lithium race

2016-06-10 18:15:12

This ETF Is A Long-Term Growth Play On Tesla And Lithium Batteries

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What's Behind the Surge in Lithium ETF LIT?

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You Won’t Believe How Much This ETF Has Outperformed Tesla

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How This Hot ETF Is Taking Advantage Of Tesla’s Rally

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Lithium ETF Easily Outshines Tesla, But That Shouldn't Be Surprising

2016-06-01 07:32:40

Retelit SpA :LIT-IT: Earnings Analysis: Q1, 2016 By the Numbers : June 1, 2016

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Trending on Mortgage REITs, Green Energy and Amazon in the Spotlight This Week

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COLUMN-Lithium - the commodity winner you can't buy: Russell

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Investors Aren't Too Excited About Lithium Rally

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JPMorgan Bolsters ETF Footprint With Global X Stake

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Don't Miss Any More Of The Run In This Commodities ETF

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Why Fund Flows to China Financial ETFs Are Dwindling


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