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Strongest Trends Summary For Motif Malaysia

Malaysia ETF is in the medium-term down -8% below S&P in 3 months and down -17% below S&P in 1 year. In the long-term down -23% below S&P in 2 years and up 714% above S&P in 28 years.


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Downward trend on Malaysia - down -7.98% below S&P in 3 months

Equity, Malaysia ETFs

[EWM] iShares MSCI Malaysia Index Fund

The investment seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of Malaysian equities. The fund seeks to track the investment results of the MSCI Malaysia Index (the "underlying index"), which consists of stocks traded primarily on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. The underlying index may include large-, mid- or small-capitalization companies, and components primarily include financials, industrials and telecommunications companies. The fund will at all times invest at least 90% of its assets in the securities of its underlying index and in depositary receipts ("DRs") representing securities in its underlying index. It is non-diversified.

Strongest Trends Summary Related To Malaysia

Malaysia ETF is in the long-term down -23% below S&P in 2 years and up 714% above S&P in 28 years.



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