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Strongest Trends Summary For Motif Small-cap, Value, Dividend, U.S.

Small-cap, Value, Dividend, U.S. ETF is in the long-term down -14% below S&P in 2 years and up 238% in 15 years.


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Upward trend on Smallcap Value Dividend U.S. - up 238.48% in 10 years

Small-cap, Value, Dividend, Equity, U.S. ETFs

[DES] WisdomTree SmallCap Dividend Fund

The investment seeks to track the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the WisdomTree SmallCap Dividend Index. Under normal circumstances, at least 95% of the fund's total assets (exclusive of collateral held from securities lending) will be invested in the component securities of the index and investments that have economic characteristics that are substantially identical to the economic characteristics of such component securities. The index is a fundamentally weighted index measuring the performance of the small-capitalization segment of the U.S. dividend-paying market. The fund is non-diversified.

Strongest Trends Summary Related To Small-cap, Value, Dividend, U.S.

Small-cap, Value, Dividend, U.S. ETF is in the long-term down -14% below S&P in 2 years and up 238% in 15 years.



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