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Strongest Trends Summary For UVXY

UVXY is in the medium-term down -15% in 1 month. In the long-term up 218% in 1 year and down -100% in 10 years.

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Description: The investment seeks to replicate, net of expenses, twice the return of the S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures index for a single day. The index measures the movements of a combination of VIX futures and is designed to track changes in the expectation for one month in the future. The VIX is a commonly followed measure of the expected volatility of the S&P 500 over the next 30 days. However, since VIX is not directly investable, exposure to equity volatility is often obtained though VIX futures.

Technical Data
High 52 week88.08 Low 52 week10.17 Last close43.24 Last change2.63%
RSI31.79 Average true range2.7 Beta-7.42 Volume13.13 M
Simple moving average 20 days-12.7% Simple moving average 50 days-30.03% Simple moving average 200 days-10.8%
Performance Data
Performance Week-6.99% Performance Month-28.48% Performance Quart-32.27% Performance Half1.86%
Performance Year147.37% Performance Year-to-date-47.09% Volatility daily3.63% Volatility weekly8.12%
Volatility monthly16.64% Volatility yearly57.66% Relative Volume152.69% Average Volume7.38 M
New High New Low
Funds Characteristics
30-day SEC yield Average market capitalization Average weighted market capitalization Forward P/E
Gross expense ratio Index dividend yield Median market cap Number of holdings
Price to Book Value Price to Earnings Total expense ratio0.95% Total net assets317.75 M
Weighted market capitalization


Total Expense Ratio0,95
Total Net Assets317.75 million
April Cboe Vix Futures57,14
May Cboe Vix Futures42,86


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