Leisure, U.S. 265.72% in 5 years Uranium -72.2% in 2 years Equity, Australia 8.63% in 21 days Thailand 34.3% in 9 months Cotton -24.89% in 7 months Philippines 17.86% in 10 months Construction, U.S. -15.44% in 9 months Global sectors, Health care 30.84% in 3 years Insurance 59.14% in 3 years Rare Earth -80.59% in 3 years Copper Mining -76.6% in 4 years Eastern Europe -66.37% in 4 years Energy, Natural Gas, Commodity -54.56% in 4 months
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This website is a user interface to a set of tools analyzing stock markets using algorithmic techniques.

The idea of our portal was created as a result of research and development conducted in the area of using innovative methods of data processing and aggregation to support investment decisions. The motivation for this work was the need for synthetic information about the stock market in the U.S.

Market Overview

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ETF Trends Summary

market trends summary

Stock Trends Summary

market trends summary

Stock Trends Summary is our main tool. It’s biggest strength is a new way of synthesis of information about the capital markets: the trends clustering algorithm using information about the interrelationships of financial instruments. This approach will provide investors with information more organized and better suited for decision-making and implementing trading decisions choosing specific financial instruments.

Stock market trends summary is designed to track world’s financial trends. The trends are connected with news from information services. Moreover, every trending stocks group will be described and discussed in order to facilitate its comprehension. This kind of presentation simplifies investor decision-making process by giving new trade ideas – mainly related to trend investing strategy but also giving overview of current stock market situation.

Trending Stocks and ETFs

trending stocks

On the trending stocks and trending etfs pages users can find trade ideas for single trending stocks and etfs. Given parameters: time horizon from minutes to many years, direction, category of instruments (stocks or funds) and type of trend (relative to indices or absolute), investors can find strongest trending stocks and etfs (down and uptrend). Our search tool uses state of the art trend finding algorithms, that are stable, low variance and has highest trend investing potential.

ETF Screener

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On ETF Screener page, you can search for various ETFs that suits personal investing style. Users can view almost all official information about given ETF - including categories, assets, commissions etc. Combined with other TrendsInvesting tools, investors can find ETF trends for trading.

Stock Screener

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Our Stock Screener is one of most advanced aggregation of stocks and ETFs in the Internet. With huge number of metrics that investors can filter and view in millions of ways. Every user can filter stocks and ETFs to find those that meet their needs. We have implemented over 300 filters with over 8000 options. All results are built on the fly, helping users find investment ideas. Anyone can hover over any stock or filter to see description, chart and other details, so they will quickly be aware of stock market situation.

ETF List


ETF list contains ETFs traded on exchanges in U.S. On the following page you can find ETFs categorized in various dimensions such as asset class, country or region, investment strategy, management style, leverage and many others. The selected ETF category can be then opened in ETF screener for more detailed information about ETF group.



On blog we share investment ideas and publish comments about current market situation and trendsinvesting.com new features.